CoinRank is a cryptocurrency ratings organization, founded by data scientists, for the benefit of cryptocurrency investors, researchers, and media providers.

As of 2017, the rate of growth for the launch of new cryptocurrencies has been doubling each month. Consequently, scammers have been taking advantage of this wave of growth – attempting to take advantage of would-be investors through scam ICO crowdfunding.

Scammer methods of making their scam ICO appear as a legitimate ICO are becoming ever more sophisticated, often even indistinguishable to even the most astute investor.

We designed CoinRank to be an easy-to-follow reference for the cryptocurrency community. Coming from academia, open knowledge is what we prize. As data scientists, we are obsessed with providing the most accurate analyses possible.

Each cryptocurrency listed on CoinRank is rated through a meticulous objective mathematical process – analyzing technical merit, industrial context, as well as socio-behavioral financial market indicators. Over 50 variables are included in the calculation of a cryptocurrency’s CoinRank score.

We hope CoinRank benefits the crypto-world, and we will continue to advance our platform with exciting updates to come! Thanks for reading.

– CoinRank, Los Angeles, California